An opportunity to join the Fuchsia Life Inner Circle

I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time, we as human beings go through things at different times in our lives. We are not eliminated from life issues even if we are in a good place. One person is not better than the other, and we all need support and accountability based on the individuals’ circumstances. There is a need for like minded people to come together and grow. When we come together, we feel the positive energy that builds up that beautiful confidence where we are encouraged to take more action towards our goals. 

Hence why I have started the Inner Circle, where you can work on your goals with like minded people who will be willing to hold you accountable as well as support you through your journey.

Answer these questions below: 

Do you procrastinate?

Are you not meeting targets?

Are you not organised?

Do you overthink?

Do you have all the motivation in the world, then life get the best of you, then you lose focus?

Do you have habits that hinders you from growing?

Upset WOman Looking at Mirror

If you answer yes to at least one of the questions, then the Inner Circle is for you.

What you will have access to

Personal mentoring once a month

This is a 45 min one-to-one session once a month where you will gain support and be encourage to manage your personal development.

Sip & Read Book Club

We are a supportive group who reads self-help books to reflect on how we think, behave and take action.

Accountability Group Coaching

A session to self-reflect on your journey and hold you accountable towards your results


The inner circle is also great for those who have gone through the coaching process and need continued support, self-reflection and self-development. Most importantly, to be held accountable whilst still working on your goals. Yes, you can do it by yourself, however, making a commitment to a group of likeminded people, can further help you towards reaching your goals.


I mean, if you suffer from an illness and you needed to stop drinking alcohol, you cannot say you will stop today and start drinking the next day. 

If you wanted to lose belly fat and went to the gym only once, would you reach the goals you are looking for?

If you say that you want financial freedom but don’t position yourself, how will you get there? 

The Inner Circle will give you CONSISTENT accountability to get you to the next level. You will continue to live in your purpose, abundance, passion and fulfilment.

So what are you waiting for?

What people say about me

The first time I connected with Louise I felt instantly at ease. Whenever I look to work with a coach I always look for someone who is authentic, approachable and easy to talk to. Louise ticked all those boxes in our first session. Louise's passion for helping people is incredibly inspiring. If you are looking to work with an amazing down to earth coach, look no further Louise is the coach for you.


Health Coach

I was blessed to first handily experience the inspiring sessions Louise provides. I was able to go on an emotional journey, which has unlocked barriers within my life. The support and encouragement that was provided aided me with successfully kick-starting my career. I would highly recommend fuchsia life to organisations and individuals who are looking for support and encouragement for personal development. The structure of the sessions through holistic therapy enables you to gain an in-depth understanding of your life experiences. Thank you xxx


 Monique James