• The first time I connected with Louise I felt instantly at ease. Whenever I look to work with a coach I always look for someone who is authentic, approachable and easy to talk to. Louise ticked all those boxes in our first session. Louise's passion for helping people is incredibly inspiring. If you are looking to work with an amazing down to earth coach, look no further Louise is the coach for you

    Amy Health Coach
  • LOUISE!!!! Now what would I have done without having your coaching and guidance? You are a strong influence in my life and have given me the confidence I needed to become the young woman I am today. Louise has pushed me to do things I would have never imagined seeing myself doing. She has also given me a lot of opportunities and ensured that I was always on the right path in life. I have always looked up to you Louise and I still do! You are a wonderful, compassionate and caring woman. And anyone would be blessed to have you work with them. Fuchsialife will be a success and a blessing onto others with you behind it!

    Tola Ayoola Young Person
  • The most valuable asset of any organisation is the employees. They have the capacity to grow or stunt the growth of organisations. This realisation influenced the decision of Senior Management Team at Mace Housing Co-operative Limited, to engage the services of Louise Samuel, the Founder of Fuchsia Life Coaching. Her brief:  was to help equip us with the tools, knowledge and experience that are needed to develop ourselves and junior members of staff. The objective was to make us more effective in our commitments to ourselves, Mace and our work.

    During her assignment, Ms Samuel applied key professional skills of  listening, questioning and interrogating, sensitizing, communicating. encouraging, prioritising etc, in her very unique style, driven by well-being approach to human personal development,  to produce extraordinary  results for Mace and its staff.

    The outcome of her involvement were: promotion of creativity, resilience, career self-reliant, increased self-confidence and job satisfaction rate,  high performance levels, unusual level of team spirit amongst the staff. Such achievements gave Mace Housing Co-operative Limited a competitive edge in the Housing Co-operative Sector of of Housing in London.

    Thank you, Louise. You are a true professional indeed. We believe this derives from a mind-set with the confidence to turn perceived barriers in human development/efforts, to positive winning ways for all stakeholders.

    Rowland Ekperi Chief Executive - Mace Housing Co-operative Limited
  • Louise supported me in supervision at difficult times in my role as a Lead Youth Worker. She was able to support me by listening, questioning and encouraging me to reflect on my practice. I must be honest I had not previously considered supervision as a necessary part of my role. What Louise was able to do has force me to stop and learn by critiquing my decisions and identifying areas to improve. I have taken the tools she had used with me on in my career as I have progressed as a Youth Work Manager. I am incredibly grateful for her insight.

    Rebecca Mills Youth Work Manager
  • I was blessed to first handily experience the inspiring sessions Louise provides. I was able to go on an emotional journey, which has unlocked barriers within my life. The support and encouragement that was provided aided me with successfully kick-starting my career. I would highly recommend fuchsia life to organisations and individuals who are looking for support and encouragement for personal development. The structure of the sessions through holistic therapy enables you to gain an in-depth understanding of your life experiences. Thank you xxx

    Monique James Client
  • My Louise, Louise, Louise. Louise is an amazing, inspiring woman who encourages everyone she encounters. Louise has been one of the main reasons for my confidence growth and career focus. Thank God for the amazing opportunity to have met her and learnt a great deal from her. She is never one to tell or give you answers, believe me I know, she always pushes you to find the answers yourself.

    Gloria Osas Young Person
  • I worked with Louise ( Founder of Fuchsia Life) for two years and have known her in many roles, but more so in the capacity of a senior youth worker, mentor and accredited facilitator. Louise has always put the young people/clientèle at the heart of her work and strives towards the betterment of those that she works with. As a professional, she has been able to reach those that are often hard to engage with. She has helped to evoke change and many can testify to the transformation that has happened in their lives because of the one to one support they have had with Fuchsia Life but on a more personal note Louise. I can say that what Fuchsia life offers is definitely worth your interest

    Schenell Youth Worker

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