Tips for parents in a difficult living situation during lockdown

The Government’s instruction to stay at home is helping to keep people safe and reducing the spread of coronavirus. However, the lockdown restrictions are challenging for many of us, and they can be particularly tough for families. Here we share some tips for managing difficult situations and living spaces.

Young people who don’t have their own space

During this time, young people may find it difficult to find their “own space” while isolating at home with family. This may be because they share a bedroom, do not have access to any outdoor space, or feel that they cannot find a quiet part of the house where they can be by themselves. Although young people may not have a lot of physical space, it is important that they can find ways of creating some mental space. This might be through reading, drawing, exercising, chatting to friends on Zoom – anything that helps them reach a different headspace.

To ensure your children have some private space to call friends or do the things they like without being disturbed, it might be helpful to create a schedule where you agree as a family who can spend time in a certain room or space at a given time. Make sure this works for your whole family and everyone gets to input. Be clear about time allowances so everyone has an equal amount of time to have their own space. It is also important that your family are flexible during this time, as routines are likely to change on a day-to-day basis.

As it stands, the Government is allowing people to take part in one form of exercise outside the home each day, for example going for a run or walk. Encourage your family to make use of this time safely, and ensuring they know what social distancing means and how they can stick to it. This will allow them to get some fresh air, exercise and a change of scenery.

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